High-Risk Pregnancy

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one in which the mother or the fetus is at a greater risk for health problems during pregnancy. It leads to adverse outcomes and threatens the health of the mother and the baby. However, according to the high risk pregnancy doctors in Dubai, with some extra care and precautions, you can still ensure a risk-free delivery and good health for your baby and yourself.

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What are the symptoms of a high-risk pregnancy?


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What are the causes and risk factors of high-risk pregnancy?

Medical conditions
Gestational diabetes

Developing gestational diabetes during pregnancy is very common and poses the threat of a high-risk pregnancy. In addition, blood disorders such as sickle cell disease and thyroid diseases also increase the risk of high-risk pregnancy.


Preeclampsia is a condition unique to pregnancy where women have high protein levels in urine. This condition can complicate even a healthy pregnancy and is associated with preterm delivery. 


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs ) can seriously affect both the mother and the developing baby. They increase the risk of preterm delivery and miscarriage.

Environmental triggers and other factors
Age is another factor that can potentially complicate a pregnancy. Generally, women who get pregnant before their age is 17 or after they turn 35 are more prone to high-risk pregnancies. In addition, genetic factors can also lead to high-risk pregnancy.
Anxiety/ Depression

Anxiety and depression are significant risk factors that can harm the health of both mother and baby. These are common in pregnant women and mostly occur due to hormonal changes, lack of support, emotional turbulence with the partner, etc. 

Lifestyle habits

Lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol can make the baby prone to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. In addition, not maintaining a healthy weight, consuming too much caffeine, and smoking can also cause high-risk pregnancy.

How are high-risk pregnancies treated?

Early Diagnosis

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