Menopausal hormone therapy | Endocrine therapy in Dubai

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), also known as menopausal hormone therapy, is a treatment that involves adjusting the hormone level in menopausal women. It aims to replace the hormones that are lost during the menopausal transition. As hormones are part of the endocrine system, it is also referred to as endocrine therapy.

Hrt in dubai

Who is a candidate for HRT in Dubai?

The best candidates for HRT in Dubai are women who have gone through menopause at a younger age, around their mid-40s. You should consider getting endocrine therapy if:

However, you may not be considered a candidate for endocrine therapy if:


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How is hormonal therapy delivered?

You will be recommended the suitable treatment depending on factors such as your age, diagnostic results, medical history, general health, and personal preference.

Estrogen tablets

Tablets are the simplest way of taking hormone replacement therapy. Prescription-based estrogen pills have to be taken once a day without eating anything. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions before taking them.

Skin patches

Skin patches are worn on the abdominal skin and are replaced every few days, depending on the dose. Skin patches are very popular since they don’t involve any side effects of HRT and don’t pose any health risk.

Topical estrogen

Topical estrogen is available in various forms- gels, creams, and sprays. Once applied to the skin, the hormones are absorbed into the bloodstream. Your doctor will provide you with the specifics on how you should apply them.

Vaginal estrogen

Vaginal estrogen is available in the form of insertable vaginal rings, creams, or vaginal estrogen tablets. These are mostly recommended to women who experience vaginal dryness or pain during sexual intercourse.

Rejuvenating Diode Laser

This is a vaginal laser that has a great effect on the restoration of vaginal wall strength and health.

What are the benefits of HRT?

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy are as follows: