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What is ICSI?

Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI is an advanced treatment to tackle severe male infertility problems. This particular form of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique involves injecting a single sperm cell into a mature egg. ICSI has a significantly high success rate when compared to the typical IVF procedure.

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How is ICSI different from IVF?

In the traditional IVF procedure, the sperms and eggs are mixed in a petri dish to allow natural fertilisation. However, the sperms need to be in high quantity and of high quality to make this fertilisation possible. 

In the ICSI procedure, fertilisation is achieved manually by injecting an individual sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg. The benefit of ICSI over IVF is that it does not require a large sample of active sperms. Therefore, ICSI can be very helpful when there are few eggs available or the male partner has a low sperm count or motility.

Who is a candidate for ICSI?

ICSI is ideal under the following conditions:


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How is ICSI performed?

Given below is the step-by-step procedure for ICSI treatment:

Step 1- Ovulation Induction

The first step of ovulation induction is similar to IVF treatment. This process involves the administration of medications to stimulate the ovaries for producing multiple mature eggs. 

Step 2- Egg Retrieval

Once the follicles develop to a specific size and eggs are matured enough to be removed, the doctor performs the egg retrieval procedure. These eggs are then either fertilised right away or freexed  to be used later.

Step 3- Sperm Retrieval

In this step, sperms are extracted from the male partner’s semen sample, cleaned and tested, followed by a screening process to choose the most healthy sperm, in some occasions the male partner needs to undergo an operation to retrieve the sperms directly from the testicles.

Step 4- Fertilization Through ICSI

The selected sperm is carefully inserted into the egg’s cytoplasm using an advanced microscopic needle known as a micropipette. The fertilised egg is carefully monitored in an incubator.

Step 5- Embryo transfer

If the egg successfully multiplies into eight cells and becomes an embryo, it is transferred to the uterus, on Day 5

Step 6- Pregnancy test

If everything goes according to plan, the embryo will successfully implant on the uterine wall. You’ll be asked to perform a pregnancy test after about 10 days.

What is the cost of ICSI in Dubai?

The cost of the entire ICSI procedure varies for every couple in Dubai depending on the following factors:

What are the advantages of ICSI treatment?

Why choose Dr. Amal to get your ICSI treatment in Dubai?

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